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Travel to Colombia for DrupalCon Latin America

DrupalCon Latin America is right around the corner, this post will be intended to publish traveling tips and needs to know for the event. My intention is to add some extra info as we get it. Please feel free to comment and ask questions or add info as you may.

Lets start!

Drupal, Follow the leader!

Who Is the leader, Drupal?

Back in time, at the end of the last Millennia, the Soca Boys had everyone dancing to the rhythm of Follow the leader -- very fun music BTW.

Drupal Community, Behave!

Politically Correctness

Let me start by saying, I believe that everyone needs to be treated with respect and courtesy. I believe that my space ends where yours begins. I believe that happines is a state of mind, and is a decision. And I believe that if I give you respect, I want the same back.

A Little Bit of Everything

Talking about life

Blogs is the modern way of express yourself, So maybe is time I have mine. I don't know what I am going to write about, but for sure it will have to do sometimes with Drupal, with what comes into my mind about things that happen, and maybe silly stuff that I want to vent from time to time.

Why am I being part of the Drupal Association elections?

The elections for the Drupal Association board are coming, I am one of the candidates, and I want to talk about some things I would like to accomplish if elected.

DrupalCon Latino América, Inversión o gasto?

DrupalCon Latino América esta a la vuelta de la esquina, las inscripciones esta abiertas y estamos esperando por todos los desarrolladores Latinoamericanos en Bogota, durante la semana de Febrero 9-14 de 2015. 

DrupalCon Latin America Training Day - Passing the torch!

We embarqued in this adventure since several months ago, to help organize a DrupalCon in Latin America; There is so much to do with that that is amazing what lies behind the curtain of one of this great events.