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Why am I being part of the Drupal Association elections?

The elections for the Drupal Association board are coming, I am one of the candidates, and I want to talk about some things I would like to accomplish if elected.


What is the board?

In an overly simplified way, the board takes care of helping guide the strategies of the Drupal Association and help check on the financial affairs of the association. A "director at large" is a community elected member of the board.


Why being a candidate

In the short time I have had the fortune of being part of the Drupal community I have been amazed by two things that are really special about this community, compared to other Open Source ones I have been part of in the previous years: the level of friendship and union of the member is the first one, I truly came for the software and stayed for the community; even better it doesn't matter if it's the USA or Latin America, the community is great. The other thing is the balance between business and community, while Drupal is an Open Source software created by the community, we all work and live off the use of Drupal; all business and professionals we are always looking to give back to the community so we can keep pushing forward.

This are thing that inspire to work in growing the community, help that there is a balance between the communities around the world, work on the community diversity and, of course, keep the beautiful balance between business and community that exists in Drupal; so we can get Drupal moving forward as the Open Source tool that allows us to offer quality services and really have fun in the occasional camp.


What are my goals, if I am elected

First of all, and thanks to the experience being part of the incredible team that helped organize DrupalCon LatinAmerica, I want to keep working in a couple things towards new and smaller communities. As we worked on DrupalCon Latin America I couldn't help but notice how having a bridge between the different cultures really helps, this was of great help to the success of the event. That is why I want to help in a couple of things that I believe are possible and would like to sound the voice inside the board:

1. Keep pushing forward the integration between the Drupal communities in a global vision, finding ways to integrate and diversify the Drupal community. Having the great opportunity of being part of both communities (USA and Latin America), keep helping the support that is being given to the Latin America community and take this to other communities like Asia and Africa.

2. To find a way to help new communities that want to start planning events and organizing meet ups, to guide the strategies of the Drupal Association to define special grants, not just for event planners around the world, but with a focus on emerging communities and/or markets.

I have to be honest, none of us will have the power to change everything overnight, but we can take advantage of this opportunity to bring a different voice that help us, Drupal community, to keep growing as a community. I want to keep helping bridging the Latin American community and the Drupal community in the US; to help improve the way decisions are made in the Drupal Association in a way that we take into account the subtle social, economic and historic differences of each community.

Help me to be that voice inside the Drupal Association Board, all you have to do is to vote from March the 9th to the 20th by following the instructions in the elections site at

And remember, any question, comment or suggestion you can make it here or in the candidate page.


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