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Travel to Colombia for DrupalCon Latin America

Corferias Station

DrupalCon Latin America is right around the corner, this post will be intended to publish traveling tips and needs to know for the event. My intention is to add some extra info as we get it. Please feel free to comment and ask questions or add info as you may.

Lets start!

Barranquilla Carnival

The Barranquilla Carnival is the second greatest carnival in Latin America, it will be happening the weekend after the event, here are some links on information about it and a link (in Spanish, sorry) too buy tickets for the balconies that will be open to watch the Carnival.

Public transportation in Bogotá

Bogota has an huge network of Taxis and public transportation. Taxis can get a little bit tricky and need to be used with precaution in some cases, thankfully the Colombians have a great solution for this: Easy Taxi for Android or Iphone and also Tappsi for Android or Iphone are two apps that will let you grab a cab safely, they use your phone's GPS to locate you, gives you all information you need and a way to publish your trip so your friends know you are safe. This is a better way than grabbing a cab on the streets, which may get somehoe dangerous in some places at night. And simpler than calling for a cab, which should be done in Spanish, of Course.

Bogotá also has an integrated Bus system that lets you travel to most places, Transmilenio it is the closest Bogotá has gottent to a subway/metro system and has now extended to other areas. It was initially designed to go though certain routes in their own lane and was intended for mass transportation. Nowadays it has expanded with the SITP service and you can go to many places just using the same payment system, special card that you can buy in any Transmilenio Station, and the best news: DrupalCon Latin America will be pretty close to a transmilenio lane.

To plan your trip is also pretty easy, using the Moovit app on Android or Iphone you can type your destination and it woul give you the route, including the walking route to the nearest bus stop.

Update 01/21/2015

On Taxi Service

It is important to note, while Uber is negotiating with the goverment, they are not officially accepted, but the system works in an underground manner, some Colombians believe that is a better service and safer than even the previous apps. With this said, please avoid grabbing a cab on the street, while statiscally they are somewhat safe there is a risk involved, I strongly advice to use the previously mentioned services

Mobile service

There are several Mobile service operators in Colombia, I will talk from my experience, I am very pleased with Uff Móvil. I bought a sim card for about Us$12(COP$25,000) and it came with free 500gb of Internet service valid for a week. I added later a packge for around US$25 (COP$55,000) and it came with the talk time, of course, and 1.4GB of data valid for 30 days.

Another perk of this service, while the talk time is charged by seconds and it costs COP$4.17 it is the same cost for USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. They also have some other deals that you should check out. The service is good and I use the internet on the phone I borrowed from my family to share it with my AT&T, so far so good. Good speed, decent service.

I will expand on this subjects, so stay tuned!!

See you in DrupalCon Latino in Bogotá, Colombia. February 10th to 12th, 2015.


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