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A Little Bit of Everything

Blogs is the modern way of express yourself, So maybe is time I have mine. I don't know what I am going to write about, but for sure it will have to do sometimes with Drupal, with what comes into my mind about things that happen, and maybe silly stuff that I want to vent from time to time.

I am Carlos, or Camoa for friends and whoever cares, Colombian by birth, Llanero by upbring and Texan by adoption in the last 7-8 years. Proud father of a wonderful boy, even though sometimes too smart for his own good and married, of course. I am a systems engineer from Colombia. Being working, playing, toying and messing with computers for the last 27 years.

I had a spell as a bilingual Fufth Grade teacher for a couple of years (still messing with computers from time to time though) and back in computer now. Love Open Source projects, believe that together as a big group with the same objective we can do better than just a few. Lately I had become a Martial Arts instructor and recently achieved my third degree black belt (wasn't easy) and I am a big mouth, sometime annoying guy that will tell you what I think, sometimes without realizing I may be a little harsh or come across as rude.

But I believe in loyalty, friendship and above all I will always try to do the right thing. If you ever get offended or feel my writings (whatever they are) are not in agreement with you, just comment!! I am always ready for a good discussion, with arguments of course! not just to make noise, if that happens I will have to let you know and just ignore you. I don't expect no one to be in agreement with me, so don't worry if you have something to say.

I speak English and Spanish, will be writing in english though, letting Google do the translation, so please no jokes on the spanish, any horrible error in translation I'll try to fix as I see them.




Carlos Ospina

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