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DrupalCon Latin America Training Day - Passing the torch!

ivan mejia fabela

We embarqued in this adventure since several months ago, to help organize a DrupalCon in Latin America; There is so much to do with that that is amazing what lies behind the curtain of one of this great events. In planning the event we face the decision of trainings, as is usual in DrupalCon, and as it is explained on this DruapalCon Latin America's website post it was decided that it was not possible.

Once many pieces felt into place and we started talking about extended Code Sprints we realized 2 things:

  1. We needed an alternative place for this sprints, and it needed to be close to the event place.
  2. In search of this event, we could have some free trainings!

We started contacting universities, coworking spaces and whatnot. and realizing that we had many options. The idea then arised that we could try and have free training in different places of the city the day previous to DrupalCon Latin America. So another adventure begins and we run with the idea, after several weeks we found an university willing to help across the street of the venue and they were interested in trainings. 

The idea was to host Extended Code Sprints and maybe one or two trainings there, after weeks of looking for additional venues for extended sprints and possible trainings we reached out to the Latin American community and as we asked if there would be interest in having free trainings, this was the reaction of one of the members.

This brought a whole new level to this idea, it is exciting to see how many people jump at the idea and everything that has rolled out from this. We appreciate the help and we are really happy to have @jmolivas take over this idea from there and start working on having a great day of Drupal Trainings before the main event.

Only a couple of points to leave out there thta I personally believe are important:

  • Trainings are important, but there are other priorities that also matter: reach a point where we can ask for scolarships, have simultaneous translators in every room is an even bigger milestone we would like to have in this DrupalCon Latin America to make it the first real multilingual event.


  • And the main event is DrupalCon Latin America. Please have that in mind when planning this and looking for sponsors. Let them know, the prospective sponsors, to please not take away from the main event. That, if they are planning to sponsor, to help us fullfil the goals of the main event first.


  • With that said, go for universities, colleges; They can provide a "free" venue and on top of that have a captive audience of technology students that could be interested and so the trainings can work as a mean to grow the community. First get where the trainings are going to be made, then we can see what trainings to offer.


  • Since you are taking over this, please make sure to ensure we can have a place for extended sprints, this is really important for the future of Drupal. A training venue is really tied up to the Extended sprints venue.


  • Count with the help and support of the orginizing committee for DrupalCon Latin America, we appreciate your help and whoever is willing to work selflessly for this event.

To everyone, this is really exciting, time to get some trainings going for DrupalCon Latin America; go to the event and make it one of the biggest DrupalCon ever.


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