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Drupal Community, Behave!

Let me start by saying, I believe that everyone needs to be treated with respect and courtesy. I believe that my space ends where yours begins. I believe that happines is a state of mind, and is a decision. And I believe that if I give you respect, I want the same back. But, even though, respect is universal the perception of it changes culturally.

The image I chose may seem a little bit harsh, but I think it summarizes how I feel whit some of the situations that have been going around in the community, and this post is to express my random thoughts about the matter. I don't like bullies or offensive people, but sometimes not all "bullies" are bullies. Ans if you take a stance in the lines of that image, you may be happier too maybe. 

In the past months we have been full of events that have sparked the discussion around politically correct, bullies in the issue queue, minorities and what not. specifically the Morten's issue, the Mysql slave issue. And I can help but think, Seriously? This is getting crazy, I understand that we have to be respectful but lately we want to go to extremes, and I am sorry, stupid extremes. 

Words don't offend people, people offend people.

people!! Come on, are we really doing this? do we really have to choose each and every word just because some highly sensitive people are going to be offended even if that is far from our intention? look at the Motrten's "pussy" debacle. Why are we having to, as a community, make decision based on a simple comment? we are losing sight of the important issues that we as a DRUPAL community should be working on. Make Drupal better, period.

If I don't like a word, that is my problem not the community's. Do we go through the world stopping everyone's conversation because they just used some word we don't like? Cause that is what happened, and the problem is. We are taking actions at an "official" level for a situation like this! Again, seriously? 

Don't get me wrong if someone is offending me, and I know they have all the intention to do it, I will fight back! But just because I don't like the words that person is using? And that person is not even talking to me? Please!And even though that is ok, but when we start focusing on this kind of problems we miss the big picture. And even more, there should be a baseline, a little bit of common sense, not all the words mean the same to everyone. 

There is so much to say about being politically correct, but this is my concern. Aren't we going to an extreme on this? when a silly incident causes the repercussions that this reached out; aren't we exagerating a little bit? what is next? we forbid half of the words in the english language because they may have dubious origin? or because some people used it as an insult to a group? And most important, is that really what matters for a Drupal Community? Isn't Drupal supposed to be what matters?

Lets be professionals and focus on what matters, if we keep going this way I am going to be in so much troubles because I have a big mouth, but I never try to offend anyone, Words should not offend you, people can offend and sometimes they use the most tender words.

I say that we, of course, need some kind of guidelines of conduct but not go to this extremes. Lets talk Drupal, if someone makes you feel bad, let them know if they keep doing it or they really want to make you feel bad we'll deal with it. But stop the witch hunt please! 

On the other hand, when you don't take the time to understand the baseline of other people you are being as offinsive, or worse, than the comment that is offending you. Respect goes both ways, don't forget that.

I believe that the Drupal Community should be focusing in Drupal, with respect, but in Drupal. This is supposed to be a community of professionals from all around the world. With a multicultural background that needs to be treated not with close minded decisions, but with a really wide open mind, what is bad for you, may be not so bad for me. But I am sure, we both love Drupal.

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